About us

Since 2016 the Nehme family is pursuing his dream, letting people know and taste lebanese food locally.

Known and beloved all around the world, lebanese kitchen tells a story of mediterranean flavours, fragrances, and ingredients. Sight, smell and taste will be satisfied by our dishes, letting you experience a meal in the Land of Cedars. The ingredients we use are tipically mediterranean: extra vergin olive oil, lemon, olives, garlic, tomatoes; the spices like cardamom, cumin, turmeric and sumac lift the flavours of our recipes.

Crossroad of people and cultures, lebanese citchen embraced traditions and discoveries from the people who crossed Lebanon: the wine grapes inherited from the  Phoenicians from more than 4000 years ago; the spices and dried fruits, as well as the conviviality, were brought by the othoman domination.

A traditional Lebanese meal includes a variety of meze, the typical starters, served cold as well as hot. The main dishes follow immediately, as there isn't really a distiction between courses in the lebanese colture. The food is usually shared around the table, so tha everyone can enjoy it, together.